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Readers' Contribution Page
1st February, 2002

Welcome to our readers' contribution page. To make this website truly relevant and beneficial to many people, we welcome contributions of articles(written by you), interesting ideas related to recorder teaching, problems you encounter while learning the instruments and how you overcome them, compositions (state level of difficulty),  some good recorder websites you know of and others.

We all do it in the spirit of care and share, and there is no payment for any contributions made. You will remain the author of your own contributions and will be acknowledged. However, please do not submit any copyright materials without proper permission granted. 

As this page has just been put on and that it will take time for contributions to come in, please do come back at a later time to check out this feature! 

Do contact us first before submitting anything.

If you need to convert your files to PDF format, you can go to Adobe's web site where they can convert your first 5 files free!

We look forward to your contributions! Thank You.

Readers' Contribution


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