You can buy recorder books and other music books from recorder resource web site. Recorder for beginners and good resource for teachers. Learn to play and teach the recorder.
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This is a Recorder Resource Web site.
This web site will introduce you to the world of recorders. Familiarize yourself with this fascinating musical instrument! Learn to play it, appreciate it, and you'll be rewarded with hours of beautiful music. Recorders are played by serious musicians too.

Many of us may have different feelings for this instrument. Some love it! Others may find the sound too piercing (because a child may have overblown it). Yet there are others who have played it, but have given it up before even mastering enough skills to be able to play any nice music. Do give yourself a second chance! Recorders come in different sizes and are not too difficult to learn. Recorders are portable, reasonably inexpensive, and there is a vast repertoire of music available. 

Explore our web site to find out more. Happy reading!

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Music Quotations

Music is the greatest gift of all.It asks nothing in return
but that we listen.

To play great music, you must keep your eyes
on a distant star.

If the king loves music, 
there is little wrong
in the land.

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